Start every day with something delicious.


Bring excitement back to your lunchbox.


Delicious dinners don’t have to be complicated.


Kick off your next party with crowd-pleasing, smile-inspiring appetizers.


End every meal on a high note with Hatfield.

Hatfield The Big Game Results
Hatfield The Big Game Results

Home kitchen advantage.

So. You’re expecting a crowd. So we’ll start with one tip: it’s all about timing. Don’t put everything out all at once. Save some surprises for the stragglers, and for halftime—and it’ll help keep the party rolling all day long.



From a pregame perspective, having the home field advantage gives you a major edge: the slow cooker. It’s your game day lifesaver. It’s the set-it-and-forget-it solution to keep you out of the kitchen, while keeping all your guests satisfied.

Smokehouse Pulled Pork Sandwich
Tuscan Pork Sandwich


Always start your game off strong. Even if you’re still putting the finishing touches on your overall spread, make sure you have a standout dish or two ready to go when your guests arrive.

Bacon-Wrapped JalapeÑos


Ah, the beautiful game-day spread. The moment when you sit back and take it all in. The well-crafted array of flavor. The secret to a good starting lineup is variety. Don’t make too many sandwiches…or too many dips…or have too much bacon (OK, there’s no such thing as too much bacon).

Italian Sausage and Cheese Dip
Southwest Texas Smokehouse Nachos


The big game isn’t like a standard holiday feast. No, this is the long game. And the key to a successful spread is to save some secrets for halftime. Don’t put all the gems out at once. But make sure your halftime selections can be mostly prepped ahead of time so they don’t take you away from the game.

Cherrywood Bacon Potato Salad
Marinated Ribs
Bacon Kettle Corn


If you’re expecting a crowd, get ready for the unexpected. Truth is, it can be tough to tell how much people will eat. So it’s a good idea to have a few extra tricks planned in case the spread is scooped up before the game is over. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just stash something in the fridge that can be heated up quickly—and repurposed into tomorrow’s dinner if you don’t end up needing it.

Pork Sausage Meatballs
Italian Sliders