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Hatfield Pork With A Pledge
Hatfield Pork With A Pledge

More than a product. it’s our pledge.

We appreciate your interest in our Hatfield® brand pork and learning more about how we honor and respect our animals. We share your passion for the ethical treatment of all animals and are happy to share more about how we operate and bring our brands to market. 

Hatfield® Pork is:




Heritage Breeds:

For more than 120 years, Clemens Food Group has used heritage breeds in our entire animal processing system.  This means that the animals are bred primarily from a genetic makeup that contains any of the following United States recognized/prominent modern heritage swine breeds: Duroc, Large White, Landrace, Hampshire, and/or Yorkshire.

As a consumer of pork you might hear or may have seen various breeds highlighted on packaging and on menus – breeds like Berkshire and Duroc are the most common. At Clemens Food Group, we use some of the same breeds in all of our brands like Hatfield® .

We are taking the time to share our story and our animal breeds so that you as a consumer can be informed about our products and understand where your food comes from. We want you to have confidence that Hatfield® and Clemens Food Group takes great pride in our products.